Gulls - High School

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Competitive Stage

Players are now fine tuning their lacrosse skills under a variety of competitive conditions in a game format that mirrors adult play. Along with continued refinement of advanced techniques, players work to develop their tactical awareness, discipline and mental toughness. They are honing their performance in competition during this stage.

Season Center

June 30th- July 23rd


Two Options: Instruction & Pick Up ($150) OR Pick Up Only ($60)


Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm at Daffin Park Starting June 30th


All Local!




(18U) HIGH SCHOOL | (Seniors Welcome)

Instruction: Tuesdays 6-8pm @ Daffin Park

Pick Up: Thursdays 6-8pm @ Daffin Park

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Committed to giving our coaches the best possible coaching education--education that makes them effective teachers of the game for the age and developmental stage in which they coach. We sharpen the tools into coaches’ hands that make it easy for them to help kids learn the game in a fun, developmentally appropriate way.


Hitting the wall is a necessity for lacrosse players to practice their stick handling. Watch this video to make sure we're doing it right!

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The current youth lacrosse development model rushes to identify the best players at early ages, and leaves potential players behind with limited opportunity to play. The LADM aim is to keep more players engaged with the sport longer, allowing the best players to emerge as they reach physical maturity.


Next Spring Starts Now

As one playing season comes to an end, it's important for young players to take a proper break before jumping into the next season. Here are some tips to prepare your athlete for long-term success in lacrosse.