Fundamental Athletic Skills, Technical Skills, Tactical Skills

To combine technical skills with tactical understanding to develop the well-rounded lacrosse player, while also improving physical and psychological preparation for more competitive settings


Technical and Tactical Development in Competition

Trying new skills in a team setting, learning and exploring overall play of the game, sportsmanship. Honing technical skills in game situations, exploring and applying new tactical skills. Applying technical proficiency to further expand tactical decision making and develop situational understanding.

Player Development


Agility, footwork, dynamic balance, complex coordination, multidirectional speed, strength, core strength, flexibility


Proficient at most basic technical skills, developing dodge variations and exploring shooting/passing and cradling variations. Developing individual defense skills-body, footwork, stick positioning.


Exploring extra-player defense and offense, Mastering numbers situations and tactical play up. Developing full field concepts, transition, riding and clearing skills for transition to full-sided play. Developing awareness and anticipation.

Coach Development


Trained and certified staff to execute developmentally appropriate skills. A unified Coaching team in our practice format and drills so coaches and players can focus more on the execution and less on the X's and O's


Access to NCAA coaches during the TLPA gives our coaches innovative drills from the leaders of the industry.


Committed to giving our coaches the best possible coaching education--education that makes them effective teachers of the game for the age and developmental stage in which they coach. We sharpen the tools into coaches’ hands that make it easy for them to help kids learn the game in a fun, developmentally appropriate way.