Hear from Parents about their Experience with our Programs!

My son has been playing lacrosse (first with Coastal Empire and now with the Hares) since he was 6 years old. We have been in the Savannah lacrosse family for so many years and have witnessed wonderful growth. I cannot say enough positive words for the dedication these groups show and the sportsmanship they foster. The coaches and staff have helped raise my son to be a better person!

-Kelly D

Both our sons’ (12 & 15) experience with Coastal Empire and Golden Hare’s lacrosse programs has been fantastic. Our boys started with the fundamentals programs in the 4th grade. Since that time under the guidance of the coaches, their skills and passion for the sport have grown exponentially. We have been involved in the spring, summer and fall travel seasons for many years. All of the events are well organized. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Coaching is done in a positive manner with a focus player development. Teamwork, sportsmanship and respect are emphasized. Anyone interested in lacrosse for their son or daughter should take a serious look Coastal Empire and Golden Hares lacrosse programs. Our boys would rather be nowhere else than on the lacrosse field with their teammates.

-The Wilson family

Lacrosse was the very first sport that our older son started to play. Now, we are all passionate about lacrosse with all 3 kids highly involved in the oldest sport in North America. The programs in Savannah offer great flexibility, support, and evolving challenges for lacrosse athletes to develop. We started with the initial clinics offered by Coastal Empire Lacrosse, where my older son was highly inspired by Coach Dan Umbel at age 7 and we continued with Coastal Empire Lacrosse until the boys were able to participate in traveling teams. At present, the Golden Hares Traveling Team program provides the boys more opportunities to compete and to practice at a competitive level. The coaches provide optimal training, both, at the team level, as well as with private sessions. It is a great time to join the sport of lacrosse as it is exponentially growing in Savannah. Needless to say, it is the best sport my children have chosen to play as they grow!

-Georgescu Family

Our son has enjoyed multiple sports, and when he discovered lacrosse, he found his passion. Lowlax and its coaches have supported his development as an individual player and team member. His skills have progressed immensely, and his confidence has grown as well. He continues to learn the value of being a team member, including a focus on integrity and playing the game with honor and respect. We are grateful for the opportunity Lowlax provides to learn, love and play this great sport.

-Walz Family

My son has been playing with Top Left Lacrosse for 5 years, since first grade. It is an awesome program that continues to get better and better. He came in with no prior knowledge and now won't put his stick down. Most of that is due to the amazing coaching staff and how well the program has progressed. Christian has brought passion through knowledge and determination and runs an amazing program

-Dunne Family

Morgan started lacrosse last fall and my husband and I knew nothing about it. We are now hooked on it and Morgan loves it. He carries his stick with him whenever he can and practices as much as he can. He's played basketball in the past but there was never a real passion. Playing lacrosse with Coastal Empire has allowed him to meet boys from several schools; at one tournament in Hilton Head, our team had approximately 13 boys with 9 schools represented - it was awesome. These guys didn't know each other very well but they played like a team that had been together for a few seasons. That one skill will benefit them forever. On respect and sportsmanship, Dan Umbel and his coaches don't put up with bad behavior or bad attitudes. The big guys are expected to be good role models for the younger ones. I've seen this on the field and I've heard it in the car on the way home from practice. Lacrosse will be in Savannah forever and I hope that the guys who haven't found their sport yet will get a stick and try it out. It has been an amazing experience and I'm thrilled for my son.

- Parent of Morgan, age 11, 5th grader at May Howard Elementary:

Ryan might be on the younger side of the equation (at 6), but he’s tremendously enjoying his time at the clinic under your leadership. Lacrosse combines an incredible blend of disciplines not found in other sports by themselves. In Ryan’s short time at the clinics, he’s already developing much stronger hand-eye coordination and learning to compete in a dynamic, physically challenging environment where contact, while a part of the game, is secondary to the exciting action of the players working as a team to move the ball down the field and score. It takes the best of soccer, hockey and basketball and puts them all on one field.

- Chandler Family

When our boys said they wanted to play lacrosse, we laughed a little since they knew nothing about the sport. However, after 1 weekend camp, they were hooked! They’ve tried baseball, football and soccer but never felt that it was really “their” sport. Lacrosse has provided them with a broad range of benefits both internally and externally. While building cardiovascular endurance is very important, the positive mental impact that lacrosse gives our boys has been huge. Not only have their grades improved, but their attitude towards life is much better, also. Respect for their peers, teamwork, and passion are being instilled each practice and game. This can be attributed to the fantastic coaching staff of the Golden Hares Travel Teams, Coastal Empire Lacrosse, and to the great friendships that are being developed. The lacrosse community in Savannah is truly becoming a family because of the well organized programs that Christian Harris continues to implement. With his hard work and dedication, the game is definitely growing in our area. Our family has definitely embraced lacrosse wholeheartedly and love every minute of it. We’re looking forward to many more exciting years in this sport!

- Strickland Family

I couldn’t be more thrilled that organized girls (women’s) lacrosse has found its way to the Coastal Empire/Savannah. I grew up outside Philadelphia and played varsity lacrosse in high school and some limited club after college, and was sad that that same experience wouldn’t be there for my own daughter. This program is building a solid core of girls who play and love the game. The fundamentals are taught in a fun and engaging way by coaches who are obviously super passionate about the game and passing on their knowledge. Each season gets better and better!

- Kristin N

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